Tungsten carbide burs are designed for machining materials of virtually any strength. The perfect combination of tungsten carbide, shape and cut geometry and, if required, coatings, makes this possible. PFERD burs are internationally known for highest possible levels of concentricity and consistency. The resulting balance and performance provides many user advantages.    

Amalgam remover

Amalgam remover

Besides the aspect of health protection during the removal
of insufficient amalgam fillings, special emphasis has been
placed above all on keeping the treatment time as short as
possible. The H32 has been developed as a specialised
instrument for this very purpose.

• Distinctive tip transversing blade for optimal axial drilling ability,
   low resistance to penetration and a large chip space.
• Toothing with a pyramid-shaped cutting tip.
• Clearly defined chip spaces for high efficient cutting of amalgam
   and proper efficient cutting of amalgam and proper removal of
   the debris.

Finishing instruments

Crown preparation Finishing crown cores
Tapered chamfer, round Matches 856 diamond
series 12 blades, normal

Orthodontics - Adhesive removers


Adhesive removers

Quick and safe removal of adhesive residues

After completion of an orthodontic treatment with brackets,
the dentist has to remove adhesive residues quickly and without damaging sound tooth substance.

We recommend these instruments to gently remove
such adhesive residues.
• Safe end in order not to damage the gingival.
• Safety chamfer in order to avoid groove formation.
• For removal of adhesive residues without damaging
   the enamel.

Adhesive removers

Palatinal, nicht schneidende Spitze Palatal,
safe end