TAT-202A; Microcomputer
controlled Steam Sterilizer

Safety device:

- Overheating protector
- Pressure release valve
- Door open sensor with indicator light
- Automatic pressure lock
- Emergency stop and release valve for water and steam
- Water sensor and indicator light to alarm lower abnormal water
- LED display to alert user error message

High efficient

1.Digital adjustable timer with 16 memory    programmable cycles
2.Status indicator to monitor entire process
3.Independent drying system is easy for the operator to set the time
   from o min. ~ 99 min.
4.Use high quality components to ensure longer life of operation


Model Number : TAT-202A20 TAT-202A24
Chamber Dimensions : Φ260*380 Φ260*455
Liter : 20L 24L
Overall Dimensions : 560W*580D*400H 560W*665D*400H
Pressure Gauge : 2.5 kg/cm²  
Power Consumption : 230Vac / 2000W  
Sterilization Time : 121℃ 20 ~ 60 min.
and 134℃ 4 ~ 60 min.
Sterilization programs: 2 preset + digital adjustable timer
with 14 User programmable cycles
Independent dry system : time setting range from 0 ~ 99mins  
Display Specification : pressure and temperature gauge, process indicator light, safety indicator light(low water / door open)  
Reservoir Capacity : 5000c.c.  
Voltage : AC 230V±10% 50HZ/60HZ,8A  
Standard Accessory : stainless steel box x1  
Optional Accessory : stainless steel rack x1, stainless steel tray x4, stainless steel hand tool x1