Renfert Basic Sandblasting units, Quality that saves money.

Once a sandblaster has been purchased, the subject of material and working time costs is willingly repressed. We recommend: That you check the actual cost‐effectiveness before you invest. If you expect the best possible sandblasting quality along with minimum consumption, Renfert sandblasting units are idea for you.
Basic Eco


Reduction in abrasive costs up to 65%*(* Source Renfert Development), thanks to the optimal air/abrasive mixture in
the unique mixing chamber

Tank selector switch

The individual blasting tanks can be comfortably selected inside the blasting chamber.

Clean working environment

Cleanliness is very important in the daily routine of the laboratory. The Basic eco provides a removable floor grill and tool-free, replaceable hand port gloves to ensure cleanliness.

Tool-free exchangeable panel

The large viewing panel can be changed quickly and tool-free without wasting of time.


Function & Performance

The Basic eco microblaster with up to two tanks offers high precision in a minimum space thanks to its compact dimensions. Top blasting technology and an attractive
price-performance ratio combine to provide an ideal
product for first-time users and laboratories where space is
at a premium.


Process reliability due to accurately focused sandblasting particularly important with delicate restorations.

Precision and premium: Highest level technology.

The unique mixing chamber technology, developed in-house, and the special geometry of the IT nozzles provide decisive advantages.

1. Perfectly uniform abrasive flow, abrasive power and jet
    pattern. This allows you to achieve consistently uniform,
    reproducible surface conditioning, ensuring perfect
    bonding properties. No stresses and cracks in the porcelain.

2. Efficient sandblasting reduces abrasive costs by up to 80%,
    thanks to abrasive flow with optimum air-sand mixture,
    regardless of the tank level and with minimum to
   no pre-blasting and post-blasting.

3. Focused, effective and reliable sandblasting. You achieve
    effective removal from the framework without loss of
    abrasive due to scatter. At the same time your sensitive
    frameworks are optimally protected

  Description / Type

   Basic ecol with foot switch

                 Technical Details

Basic eco (2 tank version): Art.-No. 2949 2025  
Power supply: 230 V  
Power consumption: 9 W  
Max. connecting pressure: 6 bar  
Working pressure: 1-6 bar  
Blasting chamber volume: 10 l  
Dimensions (W x H x D): 275 x 350 x 400 mm  
2 tanks Capacity: 25-70μ / 70-250μ  
Weight: (2 tank version): 5.5 kg  
Warranty: 3 year