Universal Paste Opaque

  ● Universal Paste Opaque is used for not for EX-3 but also EX-3 PRESS
● Universal Paste Opaque can be used for a wide range of alloys
   such as high noble, Noble, Co-Cr and Ni-Cr alloys. POBA is not
   necessary to be used when applying on Co-Cr or Ni-Cr without
● Universal Paste Opaque has a very good bonding characteristic
   with alloys and is very easy to use.
● A wide variety of 22 shades including Noritake Original Shades
   and Esthetic Shades are available.

Luster Porcelain

  ● Natural opalescence
● Fine polishable surface structure
● Less wear of the opposing tooth

Speed Enamel

  EX-3 Speed Enamel is a new item specially developed for 2 layers build-up technique. Comparing with the conventional enamel, Speed Enamel has a beautiful opalescent effect. The esthetic restoration can be obtained easily with a simple application method. It is suitable to not only esthetic work but mass-production. Start your simple & beautiful work with Speed Enamel.

Value Shade

  With EX-3 Value Shades, converting to VITA® 3D-Master® shades has never been easier with direct “out-of-the-bottle” performance to meet all your prescription needs.

New Color

  To improve the recreation of Noritake Shade, n color shade contains chroma intensified Body and Paste Opaque of the shade. With the intensified chroma, it even can be used in the case of insufficient space of porcelain build-up.

Internal Stain

  Internal Stain was first developed by Mr. Hitoshi Aoshima.

● Easy to reproduce the characterizations of natural tooth structure
● Can see characterizations before baking
● Matched CTE for EX-3

Noritake Super Porcelain EX-3 Kit

● For example: EX-3 FULL KIT PST
● Also available in all other porcelain kits such as
   External & Internal Stain, etc.


  ADDMATE is a correction porcelain which can be used with any porcelain fused to metal (PFM)with a thermal expansion coefficient range of 12.0∼13.0x10-6/°C, except porcelain fused
to titanium(PFT).

ADDMATE makes even the most difficult porcelain corrections possible, such as post-solder corrections, fine morphological adjustments after glazing and the correction of air bubbles.



Shade guide

The Noritake Shade Guide has been specifically designed to match precisely with Noritake Porcelains. It will make shade taking from natural teeth very easy.

Basic Concept of Shades
Noritake Porcelain incorporates less of a greenish color and shifts toward more of a pinkish color. This new system promotes better reproduction of the vivid shades of natural teeth. Noritake shade Guide was developed utilizing this concept. Please note that stains have not been used in the fabrication of the Shade Guides to facilitate the correct selection of shades.

Forming Liquid

Forming liquid to model the ceramic mass can be used with porcelain EX-3 and Cerabien CZR. Content: jars with 10 ml and 100 ml.