Xpedent Handpiece
& Handpiece LED

Xpedent make a wide range of Handpieces for scaler machines. We make with both Satalec and EMS compatible connections, and also with LED lights for those dentists who have LED scaler machines. Our EMS compatible handpieces have the traditional EMS threads so a wide variety of scaler tips can be used with them.

Xpedent handpieces are all autoclavable and their design has been influenced by Xpedent’s precision engineering background.

Xpedent handpieces deliver a steadily increasing level of ultrasonic power, according to the power output of your scaler machine. They make an attractive low cost alternative to buying second handpieces from expensive brands, improved performance and durability compared with Chinese, Taiwanese or Korean brands.
H1 Compatible with EMS

H1-LED Compatible with EMS

H2 Compatible with Satelec

H2-LED Compatible with Satelec