Agreed, there is nothing spectacular about wax in the day‐to‐day routine of a dental technician. However, it is often the small things that we scarcely give any importance to, which nevertheless maintain the stability of our procedures and ensure reliability. Renfert‘s existing product range of wax in different degrees of hardness and diameters already covers a wide range of applications for all areas in casting technology.

The latest development of extra‐hard wax wire has created a material that is ideal for the warmer months of the year due to its optimised formula. The developers placed great value on a higher melting point while maintaining the same dimensional stability – regardless of whether the dental technician works conventionally with an instrument and Bunsen burner or with a modern technique using an electric wax knife. A casting is only as accurate as the sum of the individual working stages. „GEO wax wire extra‐hard“ provides greater control of the influence of high ambient temperatures on errors.
Modelling waxes :
Crowax/ Crowax Dur

  The properties of Crowax and Crowax Dur make these waxes suitable for a wide range of uses.

Universal waxes for

• C&B techniques
   - Individual crowns
   - Inlays
   - Bridges
   - Porcelain pressing
   - Wax-ups
• Model casting techniques


• Suitable for flame technique as well as electronic waxing up
• Available in green, blue, red, beige and gray.
• Crowax beige is also suitable for wax-ups.

Crowax Dur

• Harder version with a higher melting and drip point.
• Ideal for use in summer / higher temperature surroundings.
• Ideally suited for modelling occlusal surfaces
• Optimum carving properties.
• Transparent wax for full porcelain work.

Description              Colour

Crowax, 100 g               Green-transparent
Crowax, 100 g               Blue- transparent
Crowax, 100 g               Red- transparent
Crowax, 100 g               Beige opaque
Crowax, 100 g               Grey opaque
Crowax Dur, 100 g        Green- transparent
Crowax Dur, 100 g        Blue- transparent


Highest precision with lowest shrinkage values!

In comparison to other waxes the shrinkage values of Crowax
and Crowax Dur are considerably lower. This makes the wax particularly suitable for precision work in partial crown, onlay
and inlay techniques. Owing to its low contraction Crowax
has been valued for many years for long-span bridge work.

Modelling waxes :

Special waxes for processing within an electronic
wax die pot.

Precise preparation, maintains the excellent raw material properties of this high quality wax. The result: precise copings
with extremely low shrinkage.

• High precision via low shrinkage.
• Optimum viscosity at 89-91℃ (192-196℉)
• Reproducible, precise fitting copings with an even layer
• High stability and elasticity.
• Contains no acrylic additives.
• Easy to cut off the preparation border.
• Exact dosage via the GEO Dip container.
• Stable and reversible moulded copings.


Colours to match your technique

The light colours of yellow and orange are ideally suited to controlling coping thickness. No optical influence when using modeling wax. The dark green colour allows the thickness of the model to be continuously monitored and controlled when using light coloured waxes.


GEO Dip yellow, approx. 200 g
GEO Dip orange, approx. 200 g
GEO Dip green, approx. 200 g
Modelling waxes :
GEO Natural

  Renfert has a new addition to the successful GEO Snow-white L range of waxes with a naturally tooth-coloured wax-up wax (tooth shade: Dentin A2).

Wax-ups are fabricated on situation models or master models in the articulator on various framework types (metal, ceramic etc.)
, but they can also be modeled directly on plaster just as easily. The teeth are modelled in their final size and shape using wax-up modelling wax (tooth-shade or white).
  The fabrication of a wax-up is also used to demonstrate the subsequent dental work for the patient.

• better wax-ups than with conventional modelling waxes
    (tooth shade: Dentin A2)
• very good carving properties and modelling characteristics
• high strength, high surface tension and low shrinkage
• opaqued: covers plaster and metal framework.

Description                   Colour

GEO Natural, 75 g               Opaque
GEO Natural, 75 g               Transparent
Modelling waxes :
GEO Snow-white L

  The wax-up waxes (GEO Snow-white L opaque and GEO Snow-white L transparent) provide assistance in both functional and aesthetic planning for dental restorations. They are employed
on diagnostic models or on master models in the articulator on
a variety of framework types (metal, all-porcelain, etc.). Either white or tooth-coloured modelling wax is employed for these applications.

White wax-ups are particularly well suited for demonstrating the final dental work to the patient. The wax colour is significantly closer to that of the final facing than is the case with
conventional modeling waxes.This offers the patient a very concrete idea of theappearance of the final restoration.

  Even in very thin layers, the opaque wax provides excellent masking power - something which is vital on a metal frame.
Aside from the traditional production of wax-ups, the primary application area for the wax is wax-veneers of secondary telescopes.

Description                          Colour

GEO Snow-white L,75 g               Opaque
GEO Snow-white L,75 g               Transparent
Special waxes :
GEO Casting wax
  Self-adhesive preparation wax for hollowing acrylic saddles.

• Simple to cut pieces and remove them from the adhesive foil.
• Excellent fit on model surfaces.
• Optimum adhesion even on damp models.
• Sheet size 10 x 10 cm.


0.3 mm, 32 sheets
0.4 mm, 32 sheets
0.5 mm, 32 sheets
0.6 mm, 32 sheets
Special waxes :
GEO Cervical wax
  Non-rebounding wax for forming crown margin.

• Low shrinkage.
• Particularly stable.
• Precise and very thin application at the preparation border.
• Excellent carving properties.
• Burns without residue.

Description                          Colour

GEO Cervical wax, 75 g               Red transparent
Preformed waxes :
GEO Wax wire
  An optimal wax mixture makes the GEO wax wire tension-free,
thus limiting elastic recovery.

• Suitable for various fittings due to the different diameters
   and wax strengths.
• Easily shaped but dimensionally stable.
• No tangling or fissure buildup when shaping individually.


2.0 mm / approx 250 g
2.5 mm / approx 250 g
3.0 mm / approx 250 g
3.5 mm / approx 250 g
4.0 mm / approx 250 g
5.0 mm / approx 250 g
Preformed waxes :
GEO Molar Clasps

Anatomically shaped clasp profiles made of easily adaptable wax. High stability to pressure. Suitable for molars. Also available with self-adhesive coating. 10 sheets.


Molar Clasps, 200 pcs
Preformed waxes :
GEO Pontics

  A set of pontics for modelling anterior and posterior bridges for veneer technique with acrylic or porcelain.

• Tooth shapes are proportionally reduced.
• Standard sizes are compatible for the majority of applications-
   saving in time!
• GEO Pontics can also be individually reduced or waxed-up.
• 6 standard wax blocks for bridge construction in each quadrant.
• Anatomical shaping of tooth nucleus.
• Reduced occlusal contacts for more aesthetics.
• The lingual positioning of the anchor points allows vestibular
• Optimum depth of occlusal surfaces allowing anatomical
• No distortion during lifting due to high stability.


GEO Pontics Set with 10 pieces each of 6 sizes
GEO Pontics UJ right, posterior teeth 14-17, 20 pieces
GEO Pontics UJ anterior, 12-22, 20 pieces
GEO Pontics UJ left, posterior teeth 24-27, 20 pieces
GEO Pontics LJ left, posterior teeth 34-37, 20 pieces
GEO Pontics LJ anterior, 32-42, 20 pieces
GEO Pontics LJ right, posterior teeth 44-47, 20 pieces
Preformed waxes :
GEO Perforated retainers

High stability to pressure, easily adaptable. Ideal for
lingual retention, even where space is limited.


Perforated retainers, straight, 40 strips