The systematic concept our full range of endodontic products allows safe, efficient and comfortable work.

Our range includes instruments for trepanation and excavation
as well as manual files and NiTi files for mechanical preparation
of root canals. The F-Drive contra-angle and the EndoPilot,
which unites an endodontic motor, an apex locator and obturation system, are designed for torque-limited operation
in the root canal.
  A light obturation of the root canal can be achieved with EasySeal, a root filling material on the basis of epoxy resin, gutta-percha points or F360 Fil.

To round off our range, we offer handy accessories, e.g. insert trays, sterilization containers, frequency clips and the EndoRescue kit for removing instrument fragments. Different root posts and a composite system are available for post-endodontic treatments.
Mechanical preparation



            AlphaKite-NiTi files for the preparationof root canals
            according to the Crown-Down technique

            • Kite-shaped cross section effective and safe preparation
            • 25 files for great versatility
            • Preparation according to the Crown-Down technique
            • Made of highly flexible nickeltitanium
            • The file are provided with a layer of titanium nitride to
               protect them from premature blunting caused by
               sterilization or contact with NaOCI




            The torque-limited endodontic contra angle E-Drive allows
            safe and easy preparation of root canals, in combination
            with the F360 and AlphaKite systems or other conventional
             file system.

            • Safe and easy
            • The E-Drive can be placed directly onto the coupling of                the micro motor
            • The torque can be transmitted at 5 different levels
            • The E-Drive can be directly connected to an apex                without using a file clamp



          Endo Rescue

            Endo Rescue : For the removal of instrument fragments

           The fracture of an instrument during an endodontic
           treatment not only causes the dentist enormous stress,
           it also poses an increased risk of post endodontic
           complications to the patient. The Endo Rescue Set provides
           a simple and systematic solution, providing access to the
           opening of the root canal and allowing the removal of the
           fractured instruments. Once straight access to the fragment
           has been created by means of a conventional endodontic
           drill and two Gates burs, two specifically developed
           instruments greatly simplify a previously complicated
           procedure. A centre drill exposes the coronal part of the
           fragment. An coronal part of the fragment. An extremely
           fine trepan bur is than placed onto the fragment which is
           seized by the bur and held in place by dentin residues.
           The fragment is then pulled out of the root in an anti-
           clockwise direction.