Glassix Plus is the latest generation of highly radiopaque & light transmitting fiber post. Anatomically shaped to fit the root canal (cylindro-conical) with a colour coding for easy identification and mechanical retentions, they come in 4 different sizes.

Indication :

For corono-radicular reconstructions.

Advantages :

● Optimal radiopacity (350%Al.)
● Light conducting for the use of Dual curing resin cements.
● Anatomically shaped with a helicoïdal structure - twisted groves
   that gives mechanical retention without any breakage points.
● Elasticity close to natural dentine (20 Gpa)
● Enhanced mechanical properties (1600Mpa)
● Aesthetic thanks to its translucent matrix.
● 100% biocompatible- epoxy free
Glassix+plus in Kit is supplied in a kit with 4X5 Glassix +plus + 4X1 Reamer + 1 Pilot Reamer

      Glassix +plus in refills is also available in refills of 10 pcs each size. :
      Glassix +plus Refill No. 1: ø1.2-ø0.6 mm.
      Glassix +plus Refill No. 2: ø1.5-ø0.8 mm.
      Glassix +plus Refill No. 3: ø1.8-ø0.9 mm.
      Glassix +plus Refill No. 4: ø2.0-ø1.0 mm.