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  Textile firing tray for stable positioning of porcelain models
during firing in the oven.

• Remove minimal heat from object to be fired.
• Ideal for full porcelain restorations or large span bridge
• More stable than wool firing pads.
• Can be built up into many positions
• Top layer can be peeled off when worn.
• Contact has no effect on porcelain.
• Additional stability can be given by inserting Mesh-Tray
   or Mesh-Tray K supports.

Technical Details:

Ф Fibertray                                 50 mm


Fibertray, 10 pcs
Cobra : 50µm (270 mesh)
• Gently abrasive.
• Gentle oxide removal / deflasking.
• Frame preparation (precious metals).
• Surface conditioning (porcelain / acrylic).
• Cement removal (precious and non-precious metals).
• Removing the reaction layer / conditioning prior to
   etching pressed porcelain.


50 µm, white 5   kg canister
50 µm, white 20 kg bucket
Cobra : 90 - 125µm (200 - 115 mesh)
  • Mildly abrasive.
• Oxide removal/deflasking.
• Frame preparation (precious/non-precious metals).
• Surface conditioning (porcelain/acrylic).
• Preparation for soldering.
• Surface conditioning of denture acrylics.
• Highly effective in the Vario jet recyclable blasting unit.


90 µm,   white 5   kg canister
110 µm, white 5   kg canister
110 µm, white 20 kg bucket
125 µm, pink   5   kg canister
125 µm, pink   20 kg bucket
Rolloblast : 50µm (400 – 200 mesh)

• Surface condensing and silky matte high-lustre finish
   on occlusal surfaces, in secondary components or
   crown interiors.
• Denture cleaning (plaster/tooth tartar).
• Devesting (pressed porcelain/inlays).


50 µm   5    kg canister
50 µm 12,5 kg canister
Rolloblast : 100µm (170 – 100 mesh)

• Surface condensing, matting and lustre polish of non-
   precious metals.
• Removal of residue from dentures (plaster/tooth tartar/etc.).


100 µm 5 kg canister
Polishing Paste : Kohinoor L

Fine, adhesive diamond polishing paste for highlustre polish
on porcelain

• Optimum uptake with rotating polishing brush.
• Very economical in its use.
• Ideal for “hand polishing“ porcelain work.
• Good bond between paste and object due to “adhesive
   effect“ (= high efficacy).


Kohinoor L, 5 g

Polishing Paste : Brinell L

Brinell L is a high-lustre polishing paste impregnated with
diamond powder for precious metal bonding alloys and porcelain.

• The finest diamond particles achieve the optimum high-
   lustre shine.
• Sparing application via the measuring syringe.
• Efficient take-up using felt wheels.
• Excellent high-lustre using cotton buffs.


Brinell L, 5 ml with 1 cotton buff (No.205-1000),
1 felt wheel and 1 mandrel

Polishing Paste : Saphir

High-lustre polishing paste for precious metal and chrome-
cobalt alloy crowns and bridges.

• Special formula of high quality raw materials.
• For general use on all alloys.
• Optimum polishing effect with Polisoft pre-polishers and
   Bison brushes (see pages #).
• Good adhesion to polishing brushes due to its creamy
• Use sparingly.


Saphir, approx.250 g