Flat Sterilization Roll


Advantages :

● Heat Sealing Gusset Reel - Easy identification of contents through
   the transparent plastic film.
● Conform with international norms like EN868, ISO11607.
● Easy to seal with all types of sealing machines.
● Accurate, contrasting process indicators for steam, EO gas and
   formaldehyde available.
● The indicator imprints are subjected to same sterilization
   conditions as the packaged product.
● Lead Free
● All imprints are positioned outside the actual packing area to
   prevent ink contamination reaching the product
● Superior barrier with Arjo Wiggins 60 GSM medical paper.

Size                                              Item No.

50mm X 200m (2")                       YFSR-050

75mm X 200m (3")                       YFSR-075

100mm X 200m (4")                     YFSR-100

150mm X 200m (6")                     YFSR-150

200mm X 200m (8")                     YFSR-200

250mm X 250m (10")                   YFSR-250

300mm X 300m (12")                   YFSR-300