As the leading manufacturer of rotary dental instruments worldwide, we can offer you a vast range of products . We hereby prodly present our SonicLine, the extensive line of sonic tips made by Komet.

Our constantly growing range of high-quality sonic tips includes tips for prophylaxis, periodontics, implant prophylaxis, crown preparation, interproximal preparation of cavities, work on fillings, orthodontics, veneer technique, fissures, endodontics, oral surgery
and pre-implantogy.

This brochure contains detailed information on the vast scope of applications. For further details, we also recommend our SonicLine brochure.

Made in Germany, the SonicLine comprises a comprehensive range of high-quality sonic tips that cover a multitude of indications. The instruments of the SonicLine owe their effective cutting power to the face that they can perform elliptical movement in all direction.

Surgical crown extension


Sonic tips for surgical crown extension, developed by Dr.Schwenk and Dr.Striegel, Nuremberg


Osteotomy as part of a surgical crown extension to reconstitute the biological width. In the anterior tooth area: Gently swivel the sonic tip in mesial and sistal direction.


• Minimally invasive surgical crown extension without creation of
   a flap, in case of asymmetrical dental arcade, gummy smile or
   violation of the biological width.
• Reconstitution of the biological width without need for
   periodontal surgery.


In close collaboration with Dr.lvo Agabiti, we developed very thin sonic tips covered in fine grin which are designed for trimming interproximal surfaces.


• Separation prior to crown preparation.
• Smoothing of transitions at the interproximal preparation limit
   as part of the preparation of cavities.
• Anatomica’ shaping of the interproximal surfaces of composite
• Interproximal enamel reduction (IPR) as part of orthodontic


• The tips are covered on one side only (“M” for mesial and “D”
   for distal surfaces). This allows the neighbouring teeth to remain
• Choice of flat (for stripping) and convex tips (for shaping).