Komet offers a wide variety of bone cutter made of tungsten carbide, ceramic, diamond instruments and "Miniflex" discs for bone treatments. The instrument shapes were designed to suit the requirements of different indication. State-of-the-art blade geometries ensure excellent cutting effciency and smooth operation. The high-quality Kometinstruments made by Komet are synonymous for optimal clinical results and minimally invasive, efficient preparations. Special trepan burs and pilot burs have been designed for implantological treatments. Even in small diameters of just 1 mm, they help determining the direction and depth of an implant site, thus ensuring an efficient preparation.  

Rang of instruments

• Bone cutters
• Miniflex bone saw
• Instruments with internal cooling
• Trepan burs
• Bone chip extractors
• Universal pilot burs
• Bur blocks for surgical instruments

Systems for bone extraction and augmentation

Komet offers special systems for oral surgery and pre-implantology, such as the MaxilloPrep Spread-Condense screws, the Angle Modulation system or the Piep Augmentation system for minimally invasive bone spreading. We would be happy to sent you our surgery brochure.

Trepan burs


    Trepan burs

    The Komet range of trepan burs includes high-quality
    trepan burs made of stainless steel for various applications,
    for example safe explanting, removal of bone blocks and

    • 227A Safe explanting

    • 227B Removal of bone cylinders


    • 227C Apicectomy, punch depth of merely 5 mm


    • Centring bur TRC


    • Trepan bur TRT


    • Bone chip extractor 9126