Noritake Cerabien ZR

Mechanical Properties


DENTAL PORCELAIN for Zirconia Framework Restorations

CZR (Cerabien ZR) is a new porcelain for making all ceramic crowns in use with zirconia frameworks. Single crowns made from CZR with zirconia can be used in the posterior as well as anterior due to its extremely high flexural strength. The combination of CZR and zirconia will give you enhanced esthetics and fit with maximum strength for an overall superior restoration.

Distinctive Features

● Excellent compatibility and bonding with all pure zirconia
● Ideal stability with outstanding resistance to fractures and
● Perfectly matched coefficient to pure zirconia substructures.
● Ease of handling.
● Natural-looking cervical are easily achieved with CZR Margin
   Porcelain. Eliminating the high value at the margins.