Introduction Restorative Products (same as Clinic)
nuvoDent is working very closely and efficiently with Kuraray Noritake Dental to promote their restorative products in Thailand.

With nearly 30 years of experience in dentin and enamel adhesives, Kuraray is a global leader in dental adhesives and cements as follows:‐

CLEARFIL Bonding Agents
Kuraray CLEARFIL bonding agents are the ideal dental adhesives products include dual‐cure, light and selfcure, chemical‐cure, and light‐cure bonding agents and systems.

Caries Disclosing Agents
Caries Detector is an excellent caries disclosing agent for conservative dentistry. It aids in the excavation of the outer decalcified and infected carious dentin layer, permitting optimal caries removal. It also helps minimize the removal of remineralizable, healthy dentine, protecting the vitality of the pulp and as a result conserving maximal amount of healthy tissue.

Kuraray cements are high‐performance dental adhesives that provide flexibility in their application. Cements range from dual‐cure composite systems to self‐etching, self‐adhesive, dual‐cure fluoridereleasing resins.

CLEARFIL Composites
Kuraray composites offer unique applications for each patient include universal light‐cure, flowable, posterior, and opaque composites for variety and flexibility in applications. Kuraray CLEARFIL Majesty Esthetic offers intuitive shade matching, while CLEARFIL ST Opaquer provides a mask for patients to hide discolored teeth and metal darkness.

CLEARFIL Core Build‐Up
Kuraray CLEARFIL Core products are self‐, dual‐, and light‐cured core build‐up materials with unique shade and compressive strength include: CLEARFIL Photo Core, CLEARFIL DC Core Plus, and CLEARFIL Core. They are suitable for the construction of immediate and reliable core build‐up.

Metal and Porcelain Primers and Etching Agents
Kuraray metal and porcelain primers increase the bond strength of composite and acrylic resins to metal, ceramic restoratives, porcelain, and other dental alloys. Kuraray primers simplify procedures and are very easy to use. K‐ETCHANT GEL is an etching gel used for etching enamel, dentin, porcelain, and curedcomposite for adhesive restorations.

CLEARFIL Repair and Glaze
CLEARFIL Repair Multi‐Purpose is a light‐cure bonding system for repairing fractured porcelain, all ceramics, or composite resin facing crowns and bridges. This system is also use for aesthetic repair intra‐orally.

Pit and Fissure Sealant
TEETHMATE F‐1 is light‐cure pit and fissure sealant that contains a fluoride‐releasing polymer plus the proven adhesive monomer MDP, which makes it fast and easy to provide your patients with a great defense against caries. TEETHMATE F‐1 is unfilled; it penetrates deeper into pits and fissures for better long‐term sealing and minimal occlusal wear.



Light-cured pit and fissure sealant

New, single-liquid formulation of TEETHMATE F-1 makes it fast and easy to provide your patients with a great defense against caries. TEETHMATE F-1 light-cure pit & fissure sealant that contains a new proprietary fluoride-releasing polymer plus the proven adhesive monomer MDP (10-Methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate) the monomer which has made Panavia and CLEARFIL SE BOND
so clinically successful. And because TEETHMATE F-1 is unfilled, it penetrates deeper into pits & fissures, for better long-term sealing and minimal occlusal wear.

Clinic Indications

• Direct fissure sealing
• Prophylactic preparation / enameloplasty
• extended fissure sealing

Feature and Benefits

• Long-term fluoride release
   Containing fluoride-releasing co-polymer
• Proven bond strength & sealing
• Fast & easy application
   Easy handling with low viscosity
   The special shaped applicator barrel offers easy control
   of remaining resin by a transparent window
• Three available shades
   Red, Natural and Opaque

ALLOY PRIMER is a pretreatment agent for conditioning metal and is used to secure the adhesive capability of resins and acrylic ester to gold, titanium, and other dental alloys. Tin-plating of the metal surfaces is no longer required because the ALLOY PRIMER creates excellent bond strength to the metal surface. The chemical bond thus created provides ideal adhesion of composite resins to all metal alloys so that the ALLOY PRIMER can also be used during the repair of fractured restorative materials in the dentist’s office and the laboratory. ALLOY PRIMER is simple and economical to use: apply a thin coating to the roughened or sand-blasted and cleaned metal surface and allow it to react for 5 seconds. Continue with the adhesion procedure as usual.

Clinic Indications

ALLOY PRIMER is used to enhance the adhesion between dental materials and the resin-based materials shown below:
1. Adhesion of metal inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges, Adhesion
   of metal cast posts
→ Dental adhesive resin cement 
2. Repair of fractured resin-based facing crowns and porcelain-
   fused metal crowns and bridges
→ Dental bonding agents and restorative composite resin
3. Fabrication of removable dentures with metal base, clasp or
→ Denture base acrylic resins 
4. Repair of dentures
→ Denture base acrylic resins

Feature and Benefits

• Multiple indications
• Intra- and extra- oral use
• Increase of bond strength to gold
• Increase of bond strength to semi-precious metals
• Elimination of tin-plating
• Simple to use & time-saving


K-ETCHANT GEL is a thixotropic etching gel which is used to etch tooth enamel, dentin, ceramics, hybrid ceramics and cured composites for adhesive restorations. Its special feature: when you shake the bottle, the contents become liquid, simplifying the application of K-ETCHANT GEL. When it comes into contact with oxygen, it reverts to the gel state, ensuring that only those areas which are supposed to be treated are etched.

Clinic Indications

• Etching the enamel and dentin for adhesive restorations

Feature and Benefits

• Thixotropic properties provide controlled application
• 40 % phosphoric acid


Light-curing restorative composite resin

CLEARFIL AP-X is a light-cure, radiopaque restorative resin, which provides accurate color matching, high polishability and excellent physical properties, making it suitable for both anterior and posterior restorations. It is formulated with optimal viscosity for easy handling and placement.

Clinic Indications

• ClassI,II,V restorations of posterior teeth
• Class III,IV,V restorations of anterior teeth
• Cervical cavities or defects involving root surfaces

Feature and Benefits

• Accurate color matching
• High strength and durability
• High polishability
• Easy handling
• Radiopacity
• PLT (single dose) available: No stickiness to instruments

Clinic Indications

• Core build-up of vital or non-vital tooth
CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE is a light-curing core build-up composite for the most demanding esthetic requirements. The material has a balanced filler share (83 wt%, 65 vol%) which has been specifically selected for the construction of dependable core build-ups. The material cures completely to a depth of 7 mm in just 40 seconds which is unique. Thus clinicians are able to simplify their procedure by eliminating copper bands and matrix bands and incremental layering, especially when using CORE FORMS. CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE cuts like dentin after curing, is radiopaque and does not stick to instruments during application thanks to its special formula. With a compressive strength of 334 MPa, CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE is ideal for small or large CORE FORMS on vital or devital teeth.

Feature and Benefits

• To underlay metal darkness and tooth discoloration
• High opacity
• Easy handling