Work with the most powerful trimmers.

Renfert trimmers are among the best and most durable units that money can buy. This is because all of our experience goes into each individual unit. You will notice this in every minute of the daily routine in your laboratory. This is typical of Renfert trimmers:‐

• Unique power
• Easy cleaning
• Incomparable durability

These trimmers are particularly easy to clean which ensures that your equipment always develops its full power. The power of our trimmers is so great that you would not manage to stop the trimmer disc (within your daily operations), twice that of other units. Power that saves you time and energy.

Designed for the daily routine and to last

Durable, user‐friendly, powerful
You can give every effort in the daily routine of the laboratory. With exceptionally powerful motors, very easy handling and enormous, long‐term stability.

The trimmers can be cleaned exceptionally easily and quickly thanks to the tool‐free removable front door and spray tube. Only two quick‐release couplings have to be opened for cleaning.

The housing
The trimmer housings are 100% non‐corrosive, can withstand any environment and are consequently extremely durable.

The trimmers are safe and comfortable to use. They have a modern, up‐to‐date appearance with a perfect combination of ergonomics and style. The large door opening also allows trimming of large models and a clear view of the objects being trimmed. Overall: an exemplary high degree of working comfort.

Description / Type : Millo, 230V  

Pneumatic deflasking chisels

• Gentle deflasking
• Saves time and money
• Effortless operation

Safe for the restoration

Plaster and investment are chiselled in a controlled way
and set under vibration so the structure almost breaks apart
of its own accord. There is no uncontrolled and dangerous
percussion or tension applied to the cast object.
The material falls from the object easily and quickly.

Safe for the joints

Thanks to the best possible relationship between mass
and impulse strength, the (Power) Pillo compensates
vibration so the hand is not affected. The hand transmitted
vibration values are very low, which should meet any
government recommendations.Work safer for longer.

Technical Details

Weight 5,7 kg  
Dimensions (WxHxD) 252 x 214 x 207 mm
(9.92 x 8.43 x 8.15 inch)
Voltage 230V  
rpm 2770 (50Hz), 3350 (60Hz)