In every single development stage of waxing‐up units, the wishes, requirements and experience of our customers contributed to the continuing improvement of these successful devices. It is therefore no wonder that Waxlectrics with their sophisticated technology are now internationally recognized as reference units.

The Waxlectric forms the core of two optimized system:

1. Heating over the Bunsen burner and the time required for heating the wax is no longer required in crown and bridge work in the interplay with the Vario E. The advantage for you:
• 50% saving in time
• No overheating of the wax

2. The time saving is even much greater in removable prosthetics. The wax can be optimally prepared in combination with the Waxprofi and large wax knife. A creamy wax consistency makes it very easy to apply large amount. The advantage for you:
• 70% saving in time
• No unnecessary contraction

Waxing up in best time The heat conductivity concept concentrates the temperature exactly where it is required. The sculpting tip forms the required heat center.
• 70% saving in time
• No unnecessary contraction

Temperature setting
ndividual matching to any of your waxes thanks to a temperature setting of 50°‐200°C (122°F ‐ 392°F).

Sculpting tips
- Internal heating of the sculpting tip ensures direct transfer of heat to your wax.
- Special alloy tips with optimum heat conductivity

- Maximum working comfort provided by heat‐insulated, natural cork handle.
- Heat‐resistant cable protected against twisting.

- 20° inclination allows view of the unit and optimum operation.
- Hermetically sealed, easy to clean membrane keypad
- Increased work safety due to low‐voltage technology. Power adaptor is outside the workstation.

Waxlectric II
Description / Type : Waxprofi, 230 V   Waxing-up is simple, precise and stress-free due to the accurately
set, constant and evenly distributed temperature of the instrument
tip. Huge saving in time because separate heating of the instrument and material is no longer required.

Systematic, efficient waxing-up of the highest quality

The Waxlectric provides considerable advantages, even when it is
used as a separate unit. Used in conjunction with other units and
with the specially developed waxes, the Waxlectricbecomes part
of a perfectly integrated system.

Waxing-up tips Construction

The integrated heating element of the waxing-up tip transfers the
heat directly to the wax. There are only slight fluctuations in temperature. The difference in temperature between the heating element and waxing-up tip is absolutely minimal.

Ergonomic features

The holders supplied for the handpiece and tips are attached directly to the housing. This is consistent with the ergonomics and compact design of the unit. All components are designed strictly according to ergonomic principles. The unit is very easy to clean because of the hermetically sealed touchpad and detachable holders. The handpiece and cable have been thoroughly tried and tested and have some outstanding features, such as excellent heat insulation, heat resistance, anti-knotting and anti-kink cable, easy handling and colour coding for indicating the relevant temperature.

Technical Details

Voltage 230 V  
Supply voltage 120 W  
Power consumption 110°C / 45°C  
Max./min. working temperature 230°F / 104°F  
Max./min. working temperature 178 x 54 x 120 mm
(7.01 x 2.13 x 4.73 inch)
Handpiece cable    
Dimensions (WxHxD)    
Cable length 2 m (78,74 inch)  
Weight ≈ 608 g  

Waxlectric Light II

Description / Type

Waxlectric light II (2-channel)
Incl. waxing-up tips
2155-0101 + 2155-0103
  Separate heating of the instrument and material is also no longer required with these units, resulting in greatly improved quality and speed. The wax does not contain any stresses and the technician
can fully concentrate on waxing up.

Like the Waxlectric, the advantages of these units are quality, speed and simplicity:

• 20% saving in waxing-up time, as separate heating of the
    instrument is no longer required.
• 50% saving in waxing up time (wax up twice as fast) when used
   with the Waxprofi (refer to page 60) in prosthetics or the Vario E
   (refer to page 58) in crown and bridge work, as separate heating
   of the waxes is also no longer required.
• no contraction of the pattern, as the wax is not overheated or
• the technician is able to concentrate on the pattern rather than
   on the materials and instruments.
• easier waxing up on the model, as the wax knife is constantly at
   the optimum working temperature.

Technical Details

Voltage 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz  
Supply voltage 12 V DC  
Power consumption 10 W (Waxlectric light II)  
Max./min. working temperature 200°C / 50°C  
Max./min. working temperature 392°F / 122°C  
Handpiece cable length 85 cm (33.46 inch)  
Dimensions (WxHxD) 91 x 53 x 80 mm
(3.58 x 2.09 x 3.15 inch)
Weight (with / without mains unit) ≈ 445 g / 235 g
(Waxlectric light II) )
Safety burner and Bijou 90

The Bijou 90 is a universally employable, economical lab
burner for propane and natural gas.

Description / Type

Natural gas E

  Technical Details

Connecting pressure 20 mbar  
Consumption 63 l/h  
Power 660 W  
Connecting hose Meets DIN 30664  
Dimensions (W x H x D) 100 x 110 x 60 mm
(3,94 x 4,33 x 2,36 inch)
Weight ≈ 520 g (inch. Burner base)  
Eco safety burner
The eco safety burner is a single tube safety burner
for use with liquid gas natural gas E.

Description / Type

Safety burner eco, natural gas E

  Technical Details

Connecting pressure 20 mbar  
Consumption 48 l/h  
Power 450 W  
Connecting hose DIN 30664-1 / DVGW G 5501-(P)  
Dimensions (W x H x D) 115 x 98 x 142 mm
(4.53 x 3.86 x 5.59 inch)
Weight ≈ 460 g (16.1 oz.)