The art of perfect mixing

Homogenous and bubble‐free plasters, investments, alginates and silicones: You will always mix correctly and precisely using the powerful mixers of the Renfert Twister range.

Regardless of whether using ultra‐quick vacuum build‐up or an integrated vacuum pump: You will find the ideal solution for your requirements out of our four mixers. As we are aware, for example that the critical aspect during the correct processing of phosphate‐bonded investments is the mixing, our Twister evolution range of units provides you with a selectable pre‐mixing function to guarantee constant, optimum mixing quality. Serious bubbles in plaster or investment materials are prevented thanks to the pre‐vacuum and post‐vacuum times. In addition, the interval function with a change of rotational direction ensures optimum, thorough mixing. Twister mixers ensure reliable processes and very easily achieve reproducible results.

Modern mixing – Vacuum mixing technology, powerful and reliable

Made in Germany: The German development expertise and fully developed quality management give the Twister range its internationally unbeatable price‐performance ratio.

• The high torque also mixes large amounts reliably and reproducibly.
• The adjustable vacuum prevents boiling bubbles.
• Flexibility: Can be used as a wall or bench unit.

Whether vacuum build‐up via a membrane pump or compressed air: Both versions build up the required vacuum with impressive speed. Setting up of the unit in the laboratory with the efficient membrane pump is particularly flexible, as only a power connection is required.