nuvoDent Co.,Ltd. offers a wide range of quality and innovative dental brushes from Germany to all dental laboratories whether they are Takanishi, Basic Line, Genius, Profi, etc. including lay:art system which give unlimited artistic freedom.

Choose from nine mixing trays with or without moistening function and ten shapes of brushes and find your individual combination of mixing tray and brush. Only a special type of Kolinsky hair is processed for the lay:art style range. Only the longest and finest tips from the tail of the male Mustela Sibirica (Siberian weasel) are used. This hair is particularly resistant, elastic and durable. The brush tip is formed from very many fine tapering uniformly long hairs. This reduces the stress on the individual hairs and the force applied is deflected to the side. This significantly increases the tension and service life.


High quality porcelain brushes with multi-functional handle. Setting new standards in utility, function and design.


The multi-functional handle

• Protects the brush tip.
• Optimum storage position.
• Non-slip texture.
• Comfortable handling.

The protection mechanism

• Hood for the brush tip during work breaks. Protective
   sleeve in the handle is slipped easily over the tip.
• Ideal storage position - standing on its tip. This prevents
   porcelain deposits and splaying of tip bristles.

Hair quality

• Natural A1 Kolinsky quality bristles.
• Closely packed bristles to form a fine point.
• Ideal mixture of stability and elasticity for processing
• Genius No. 8 special for „Big-Brush“technique.


Genius Set with 4 brush sizes
Size 2, pieces           Size 6, pieces
Size 4, pieces           Size 8, pieces



High quality porcelain brush made from A1 quality Kolinsky natural bristles.

• Finest bristle point for take-up of the smallest porcelain portions.
• Weight incorporated in shaft gives optimum balance.
• Comfortable to hold due to ergonomic handle.

Staining brush

• Finest bristle tip for take-up of the smallest amount of stain.

Glazing brush

• Wider brush tip.
• Ideal for „rubbing in“glaze.

Cleaning brush

• For condensing the model.
• Removal of surplus porcelain particles.


Profi Set with 6 brush sizes (without opaquing brush)
Staining brush Size 2/0,2 pieces
Glazing brush, 2 pieces
Cleaning brush, 2 pieces
Opaquing brush, 2 pieces
Size 4, 2 pieces
Size 6, pieces
Size 8, pieces

Lay art

So that you can stick to your usual routine and enjoy the maximum in quality and durability.

The perfect solution for all individualists

All ceramists have the same goal, to use their skill to reproduce nature perfectly or even improve it. But all dental technicians
are individualists, they have their tried and tested routines in
the movements, to keep their porcelain moist, to shape the tip
of the brush, to take up and build up the porcelain
We have researched on which brush and mixing palette
properties these differences in the individual routines are based,
i.e. water storage, water release, geometry of the brush and preparation of the porcelains on and using the mixing palette.
You can also see our findings in every detail of the new lay:art brushes.


lay:art style set with 1 piece each of opaque, color, brush 2
lay:art style size 2, 2 pieces
lay:art style size 4 slim, piece
lay:art style size 4 bold, piece
lay:art style size 4 cone, piece
lay:art style size 6 slim, piece
lay:art style size 6 bold, piece
lay:art style size 8 slim, piece
lay:art style size 8 bold, piece
lay:art style color, 2 pieces
lay:art style opaque, 2 pieces

lay:art style takes a leading role in three areas of brush technique:

• Hair quality
• Manufacturing technology
• Form concept

Highest premium quality with natural hairs – the absolutely best hair

With lay:art style you get the premium quality with natural hairs, which is far superior to the previously best 1A Kolinsky hairs. The familiar 1A Kolinsky hair is always a mixture of different qualities.
Only the absolutely best hair is used with the lay:art premium
quality due to an additional, strict selection procedure. In direct comparison with the previous best 1A Kolinsky quality this special type of hair is 3 times as expensive. In order not to put this quality
at risk Renfert, together with its brush experts, specially developed an elaborate and particularly gentle refining process to produce
this premium quality. Consistent quality of a natural product at the highest level - without fluctuations!

A specially developed, tradition-breaking manufacturing technique

A completely new type of manufacturing technique was also developed with which outstanding properties are achieved: consistent shaping, independent of batch. Extremely stable brush tip, which does not become blunt with use but more pointed. And a stronger hair bond, which greatly reduces embedding of porcelain. The core of the new concept is to achieve the maximum density of uniformly long, very fine hairs in the tip using a complex selection and a special technique. This significantly increases the resilience and stability of the brush tips. Another advantage compared with traditionally manufactured brushes is that catching, twisting or spreading of individual hairs when picking up the porcelains is greatly reduced thanks to the much more robust hair tips and the stronger hair bond. This means much less risk of breakage and wear and a greatly increased durability. This unique tip guarantees optimal pick up and precise application of both small and large amounts of porcelain.