Separating, trimming & finishing

Our separating discs attain a cutting speed of up to 300km/h (186,4 miles per h). They separate powerfully, safety and highly precisely at high speed. To achieve this type of high performance, a careful combination of selected raw materials and a high degree of dimensional accuracy is decisive. In addition to the very high‐quality abraisives, such as the finely coordinated diamond particle sizes, as well as aluminum oxide with a very high degree of purity, the binding agents are also consistently tailored to their respective area of application.

All Dynex separating and trimming discs, including the ultra‐thin versions, are reinforced with double glass‐fiber. The reinforcement is a component of the disc core and is fused completely with the carrier material. This means for you: outstanding durability, flexibility and reliability.

Description / Type : Silicone Polishing wheels, 100 pieces  

Diamond coated separating disc for cutting out dies from
the plaster arch.

• Quick and precise cut without destroying the edges.
• Stable carrier material ensures reduced nise level.
• Two different diameters and cut widths.
• Perforations within the disc ensure transparency whilst cutting.
• Long lasting galvanised diamond coating.

Technical Details

Diameter 30 mm(1.18 inch) 45 mm(1.77 inch)
Thickness 0.3 mm(0.01 inch) 0.35(0.01 inch)
Shaft diameter 2.35 mm(0.09 inch) 2.35 mm(0.09 inch)
Max. rpm 1/min. 10.000 10.000

  Extra-thin, special separating discs for very fine separating
work on porcelain dentures.


Separating discs for porcelain, 50 pieces

Technical Details

Diameter 22 mm(0.87 inch)  
Thickness 0.2 mm(0.01 inch)  
Max. rpm 1/min. 20.000  
Standard 37mm

Standard separating discs

High durability for heavy use. For separating sprues from chrome cobalt alloys.
Stable. Especially suitable for processing chrome cobalt frames.
Very powerful. For grinding sprues and finishing chrome cobalt alloys.


Separating discs 37 mm, 100 pcs.

Technical Details

Max. rpm 1/min. 25.000  

Paste for high-lustre polish on all prosthetic acrylics.

• Hard polishing paste for mirror-like surface.
• Long-lasting.
• Fine grained consistency.
• Optimum paste application for brushes or buffs


Universal polishing paste, beige, 6 X approx. 200 g


SDynex 0.3mm, 20 pieces
Dynex 0.5mm, 20 pieces
Dynex 1mm, 20 pieces
  Extremely robust separating discs with double, cross linked, high-tec fibreglass reinforcement. Suitable for cutting and grinding all conventional alloys. These separating discs provide maximum cutting performance and minimum wear. A new manufacturing process together with a special binding material, guarantee great strength and low heat generation even at extremely high rotational speeds.

0,3 x 22 mm – The highly flexible one

• For all precious and NP alloys in C+B technique
• Very flexible and highly efficient even with rotational speeds
   up to 50.000 rpm
• Gentle to materials thanks to minimal heat generation
• Almost indestructible, even under extreme pressure
    (e.q.when jammed)

0,5 x 40 mm – The fast one

• Superfast cutting of non precious or chrome cobalt alloys
• Highest cutting power with minimum wear
• Need only little pressure
• Low heat generation

1,0 x 40mm – The strong one

• For all chrome cobalt and non precious alloys
• Cutting and grinding sprues in one step
• Extremely low wear with maximum cutting power
• For use in handpieces and in high-speed grinders (e.q.Demco)

Technical Details

Diameter 57-0322: 22 mm (087 inch)
57-xx40: 40 mm (1.57 inch)
Thickness 57-0322: 0.3mm (0.01 inch)
57-0540: 0.5 mm (0.02 inch)
57-1040: 1.0 mm (0.04 inch)
Max. rpm 1/min. 57-0322: 50.000
57-xx40: 38.000
Bi Flex

Highly flexible separating disc for porcelain with coating on
both sides.

• Fine diamond coating for fine separation and contouring.


Bi-Flex mounted, piece

Technical Details

Diameter 22 mm(0.87 inch)  
Thickness 0.15mm (0.01 inch)  
Shaft diameter 2.35mm (0.09 inch)  
Max. rpm 1/min. 15.000