Mounted high-lustre brushes available in two diameters for perfect polish using a handpiece.

This unique mixture of bristles ensures a powerful and quick high-lustre polish on alloys, porcelain and acrylic facings.
• Dense and firm bristle arrangements for long service life.
• Particularly suitable for polishing occlusal surfaces and interdental spaces.
• Excellent take-up of polishing pastes.
• Ideal polishing results with Opal polishing paste.


Bison mounted, Ø 14 mm
Bison mounted, Ø 18 mm

Technical Details

Diameter                      14mm / 18mm
Max. rpm 1/min.          20.000 / 5.000
Ø shaft                          2.35 mm
Cotton buff


For high-lustre polish on acrylic teeth and facings using the handpiece.

• Optimum take-up of polishing paste, no sticking.
• Suitable for prolonged use.

Technical Details

Diameter                     22 mm
Max. rpm 1/min.         15.000


Cotton buff, mounted, 12 pieces
Dia-finish L

Description :
DIA-FINISH L wheel ,medium-hard, 12mm,12 pieces
DIA-FINISH L wheel, hard, 12 mm, 12 pieces
DIA-FINISH L knife-edge, hard, 12mm, 12 pieces
  Two in one: polishing instrument + polishing paste. High-quality felt discs impregnated with fine diamond particles for polishing porcelain and facing acrylics.

● Optimum combination of polishing felt and diamond paste.
● Quick and comfortable polishing.
● Long-lasting and ready to use.
● Polish without firing after occlusal grinding (Time-Saving!).
● Autoclavable.
● One mandrel contained in every pack.

Wheel shape

● For polishing large areas.

Knife-edge shape

● For occlusal and interdental polishing.
● Harder version to maintain the knife-edge shape.

Technical Details

Diameter                      12 mm / 12mm, 15 mm
Max. rpm 1/min.          15.000

Silicone Polishers

Description : Silicone Polishing wheels, 100 pieces   Abrasive silicone polisher for pre-polishing porcelain and metal.

● Fine ground surface.
● Heavy abrasion.
● No smear build-up on porcelain.
● Ideal for the transition between metal and porcelain.

Technical Details

Diameter                                 22 mm
Max. rpm 1/min.                     15.000
Thickness                                  3.2 mm