nuvoDent Co.,Ltd. offers a wide range of quality and innovative dental mixing trays from Germany to all dental laboratories whether they are Rainbow, Porcelain Mixing Palette, Stain‐Mix, Melody, etc. including lay:art system which give unlimited artistic freedom.

Choose from nine mixing trays with or without moistening function and ten shapes of brushes and find your individual combination of mixing tray and brush.


• 270° accessibility of all materials using ergonomic wrist support
• The well‐designed housing lid protects against drying out and contamination provides an optimal view of the labeling foil and is easily removable
• The ingenious ventilation system inhibits mould forming and ensures hygienic working. • The large filling opening guarantees comfortable refilling of water without removing the tray



Rainbow incl. lid and acrylic tray

Moisturises porcelain compound via perforations in wells.

The system

• The porcelain palette rests in an acrylic tray of water.
• Capillary effect to the wells (2 holes each) moistens the porcelain.
• Permanent optimum porcelain consistency.


• Continuous balancing out of evaporation.
• Porcelain remains ready to use over weeks.
• No gram of porcelain is wasted.
• Transparent lid gives air-tight seal during work breaks.

Technical Details

Dimensions (W X H) 183 X 105 mm