nuvoDent Co.,Ltd. offers a wide range of quality and innovative dental hand instruments from Germany to all dental laboratories whether they are ERGO Ceramic/Acryl/Wax, Caliper, Jacketgrip, Multi‐purpose, Instrument Set Standard or Deluxe, etc.


Precision instrument which can be read from both sides.

• Rust-proof special steel.
• Slender, needle shaped measuring tips.
• Reading accuracy of up to 0.1 mm.
• Measuring range of 0 to 10 mm.


Caliper, 1 piece



Tweezers for a secure hold on crowns and bridges.

• Replaceable, fine diamond tips.
• Elliptical shapes ensures secure hold and no damage to
   edges even in narrow crowns.
• Thumb-screw allows individual, infinitely variable setting
   on crown diameter.
• Overload (cracks, splits) is avoided by reduced spring tension.


Jacketgrip curved
Replacement tips, 2 pieces



This high quality instrument with a tension mechanism and 5 different inserts can be utilised for many of the dental technicians tasks.

• Blades can be changed in seconds.
• Super thin blades for separating porcelain.
• Light instrument with non-slip grip.


Multipurpose instrument with 1 handle and each 1
blade no. 1030-0100, 1050-0100 and 1050-0600
Blades broad, 10 pieces
Blades narrow, 10 pieces
Chisel, 6 pieces
Blades smooth, 8 pieces
Blades serrated, 8 pieces

Instrument set Deluxe


To encompass all dental techology tasks

Fuction & Performance

High quality set for every dental technician including instruments, brushes pliers for all areas of use within dental technology.


Tweezers rust – proof, 15.5 cm, Sakura marking pen, Combi wax brush, Wax knife small, ERGO Wax instrument No.1, ERGO Wax intrument No.3, ERGO Wax instrument No.4, Multipurpose instrument with blades, ERGO Acryl instrument kit, 3 pieces, Takanishi brush size 4, Takanishi brush size 6, Wax knife large, Soldering tweezers, 16 cm, Aderer clasp bendig pliers slender, Curved haemostats, Plaster knife, 13 cm, Standard callipers, Pointed pliers grooved, Foil scissors.


Instrument set Deluxe with contents as indicated