Shenpaz is the expert in dental laboratory furnaces or ovens. Shenpaz is the furnace of choices for small lab as well as the large production laboratory.

Founded by ceramic technicians who know their stuff, Shenpaz has become a leading global player in the dental lab industry. Backed by nearly 80 years of experience from the Electrotherm Group, Shenpaz delivers the most advanced dental furnaces on the market today with personal customer service ingrained.

There are many factors to consider when designing laboratory furnaces, such as temperature ramp, repeatability, temperature uniformity and aesthetics—just to mention a few. Through years of cooperating with customers on their unique heating requirements, Shenpaz Dental Ltd. has acquired the experience and expertise needed to design and produce top quality ovens with functionality and features that are appreciated by lab technicians around the world.

Since becoming part of the Electrotherm Group in 2010, Shenpaz has grown internationally with a presence in 39 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa.

Horizon Press Furnace 230V

The Shenpaz porcelain firing and pressng furnaces, HORIZON line
is designed and manufactured to exact tolerance, accuracy and precision. It’s sleek design and yet sturdy build is ideal for a busy laboratory looking for strong, reliable and consistent performance.
The HORIZON PRESS refined pressing feature ensures first press success with ALL pressing ceramics.

Description / Type : Furnace Horizon Press 230V

This pressing method ensures a higher
rate of success when pressing over ZIRCONIA and METAL.

• 200 programs – 180 for conventional ceramics and 20 for

• Complete control over the process and the display indicates
   the pressure status in real time at all stages.Reduces errors to
   almost zero.

• Choice of activating a pressing sensor to maximize the pressing
   duration automatically will terminate the press at the most
   advantageous time to avoid unnecessary firing and split rings.

• Presses two or three colors in the same cylinder

Horizon Press

Designed by ceramists for ceramists, ShenPaz Horizon models offer you functional, ‘clean and easy’ graphics and a 7” LCD display benefits, together with ShenPaz patent-pending Accurate Temperature Control (ATC) muffle system, which ensures accurate firing results every time.

The Horizon Press not only fires all low fusing and normal ceramics, but also presses ceramics with constant temperature and press control. ShenPaz non-aggressive “pressing steps” technology implements a special sensor to soften the “one-blow impact” achieving greater density and improved hardness.

Technical Specifications

Max. temperature 1200°C  
Max. firing temperature 1180°C  
Temperature ramp* 1 to 120°C  
Programs 1000  
Acoustic signal /  
Weight (kg) 26 kg  
Width x Height x Depth (cm) 28 x 63 x 30  
USB port connection /  
Cylindrical Firing chamber Ø 95mm x 65mm


Power supply availability:

230v 50/60Hz, 8 amp /  
3-year warranty /